Get Bingo’ed or Bingo Win

I recently read a survey from Ladbrokes Bingo on girl’s nights out and found out that the most Annoying aspects of a night out are fashion related for example:

30 % of people say the most annoying factor is a ladder in your tights and 45% of people say the most annoying thing is a drink spilt over your new outfit. This got me thinking of what I would wear for a night out …. AT THE BINGO!

So everybody loves right!? Right! So how do you dress for the occasion! Today I made 2 polyvore boards of my does and don’ts.


  • Wear a nice stylish blouse or shirt – You have to look smart whilst you pick up your winners don’t you! And you know that lot from the back table are going to be eyeballing you!
  • Do accompany your blouse with a suitable bottom half.. jeans or trousers. Jogging bottoms or tracksuit not acceptable.
  • Accessories are great – make sure you don’t chink them on the table or shake them too much should you wear the below bracelets… as that could cause irritation to your fellow bingoers.
  • Do always wear cute shoes or boots, these ones below being cow boy boots. I just love them. That is all.


Bingo Win
Get Bingo'ed
  • Do not wear trainers with skirts! If you aren’t Lily Allen you won’t pull it off, and lets face it we all pulled a face when we seen that red dress with those trainers!
  • Do not forget your bingo dabber is not an accessory!
  • Don’t let anyone fool you, that frilly roll neck jumper and your grey skirt do not look cute together!
  • Your hair does look cute in that neat bun! Don’t change that 🙂 But maybe glam it up with a cute clip?

Remember these things and you will do fine! After all… who actually wants to get Bingo’ed!??