My week 13-19th January


The start of the new week and I decided that I needed to start putting some more things in place with the boys and help them to have me keep stepping forward 🙂  So one of the biggest things I have decided to do is to walk J more out of his pram, after our really bad fall last year although J is perfectly fine, I was quite affected and I really really struggle even just thinking about carrying out of our home, of course with him being a toddler is that with walking he will get tired and will them want me to carry him, which in turn makes me just want to cry. But we are tackling it, I have told him he has to hold my hand ALWAYS if he wants to walk and if he does get tired I will wait patiently and then try and distract him so he will continue on our journey and it seems to be working well so far 🙂

Monday was also Ky’s parent consultation meeting.. it’s very odd not calling it parents evening but Ky’s school invite the children meaning it can be done during the day. It was lovely with him being there whilst she told me how well he was doing and he was so proud of himself as I am of him!

Potty training!! We have started potty training although not on a high level, his potty is there as an option should he decide to use it, which he has so far which in turn means he has collected 6 stars which pleases him immensely. We have had no Number2’s yet though.


Tuesday meant on the walk home from the school run I received a text from my friend asking me if I would like to meet her for dinner, I thought she meant without the boys but she of course meant us all, and with my new positive mindset I agreed. Me, my friend and the boys out for dinner. I was a little wary of how they would behave but it was pretty awesome and I am going to try and do more mummy and her boys outings as my confidence grows.  My win from Kettle chips arrived 18 packs of their chilli flavoured Kettle chips and my small improvement for the day was adding a coat rack to the boys room which we can hang the next days clothes on, as well as in the morning replacing with pyjamas.


Wednesday was a fun day 🙂 I really enjoyed Wednesday. I was told on the Tuesday that boots was having a sale and so living about 5 minutes away from a small store I dropped Ky off at school and nipped in for a nosey 🙂 I managed to pick up a few bargains but I wasn’t content, so me and J popped into my dorie car and we drove to a bigger boots where I picked up a few more things and some treats for myself which then left me happy.I managed to get £167 worth of products for £43.50. The Soap and Glory Eye box is amaze and the photo of me is with me fresh eye make up applied whilst I was in the car because J was snoozing. I love it.

The new make up and nail varnish’s spurred a clean up and decluttering of my bathroom which means it is an organised joy to get ready in the mornings


Thursday was even more of a clean up day with lots of 15 minute timers leaving a clean and de cluttered kitchen and a dining room that is in progress.

I love this cheeky little smile of my gorgeous little J’s so I knew it needed to be added to thursday picture and the one of me is because I just love playing with my new soap and glory make up lol



The first photo taken on Friday was the one of me and Ky 🙂 This was just before we left for the school run. He seriously makes my heart melt, he is such an awesome awesome boy. The middle photo is Baby J cuddled under my great great Nanna’s blanket drinking some warm milk. This was when I started to feel quite rubbishy, with a sore throat and just feeling really happy that The male would be having the weekend off because I felt so iffy. I of course tried to remain positive but it is hard not to feel crappy and down when you are unwell but I have been doing my best, one of the positives was because I had caught up with my chores it meant I didn’t actually have that much housework to do so I was able to snuggle and nap with J. Win.



The male was off!! Which of course means family time. He had arranged that him the boys and his uncle would go to the park so Ky could ride his bike and they were going to leave me at home so I could either be on my laptop, tidy ect but that was SO last year. So once I realised what was happening I got myself ready and went with them 🙂 Oh how pleased I was that I did. Not only did I get to see Ky riding his new bike but also Baby J playing George pig… Well clothes wash don’t they :’)


Reflecting on this week, near the end of the week I have found things a little bit harder, on sunday I decided I wanted to start again and at 5pm got into bed for 10 seconds, got back out, a new set of clothes, showered and started my day again lol. Obviously I didn’t really start my day again but I felt I needed to do something significant to give myself a boost, it seems to have worked because I am writing this post 🙂 I am looking forward to next week and to keep up with my small changes everyday to make big improvements and seeing where the week takes me!  If you would like to follow my Journey you can do here:

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My Aim for next week is to go to bed earlier, and to try and go on at least one walk. Get back to the gym and get back to my healthy eating.

  • Kristine Dowley

    Wow what a week! Looks like some great achievments were had 🙂

  • Clare Nicholas

    Sounds like you’ve really enjoyed you week hunny.

    So pleased you joined them on that bike riding day. Looks great fun.

  • Claire Toplis

    The 15 timer is brilliant.
    Glad you had a fab week.
    Can’t wait to see you lovely.


  • jbmumofone

    You are doing really well! I love those boots too. I hope this week is a good one x

  • mummyoftwo

    Sounds like a really successful week. Good luck with the walking and potty training!

  • Hellies Corner

    Busy week, I love the last pic of your little one in the mud, 🙂

  • innocentcharmer

    I really don’t know how you do so much, you are a true inspiration lovely x

  • AnnieMammasaurus

    A busy old week for you then – love that you got some good family time with you all together in there x

  • Sarah Bailey

    Can I come shopping with you in future? What a haul! x

  • Kara

    Wow a really busy week and that make up haul is impressive! We have parents evening at the end of this week :0)

  • Oana Chirila

    Sounds like a very productive week,well done! I do love a bargain too and your shopping on Wednesday is awesome!

  • Vicky Wombwell

    What an eventful week! Kids and bargains and kettle chips – sounds like good times to me 🙂

  • Vaichin

    Looks like you have had a very busy week. Loving all the new make-up.

  • Cass@TheDiaryofaFrugalFamily

    That looks like a fun week x x

  • bloggingastrid

    I’m so glad you foudn these great bargains on Wednesday, and I’m definitely proud of your kids! It’s great J is walking more and Ky is doing wlel in school.

  • Angie Clementson

    proud of you x x and the boys x x

  • Kate Williams

    15 min timers sound like a great idea for getting the housework done!

  • Michelle Ashmore

    Well done for going with them to the park 🙂 Love the new make up and the boots!

  • Wild & Grizzly

    Sorry to hear you felt a bit poorly but well done for keeping positive and going with the boys anyway. It’s great when you make the effort and then you have fun. oh and good luck with the potty training this is what happened when I tried to potty train my boy x

  • fritha strickland

    well done on the potty training! we are thinking of moving in this direction also! x