Today is a gift

I have never realised how much time I take for granted being with my family and friends, I would sit on my laptop or looking at my phone. I would feel so stressed with work and feeling that I needed to do more that I couldn’t see the beauty and love that was around me. I stayed up until the late hours procrastinating and not being efficient and then would stare my my screen without actually doing anything productive because I was so tired I just couldn’t even think properly.

Half term would frighten me so much, it would be a manic time of chaos, not having dinner ready when Andy gets home and a messy home. Hyper children full of energy who have been watching me whilst I worked all day. What is that!? I have two beautiful creations that are actually the best little things in my world, they are my life and they  make my heart burst with pride and yet I wasn’t enjoying them. The same goes for my parents and my friends. I said this year I was determined to enjoy people in my life more because Life and time is to short to not spend it with the people you love, the people in my life now are the one’s who are still here despite knowing me when I was at my worst. They need the recognition and love that they deserve! I think many of us take the people in our lives for granted so although I am a work in progress I am working on showing people that I care more.

Family Collage
I was determined that this week (half term) was going to be fantastic. Full of cuddles, memory making and just general happiness that I feel with being around the people I love, especially the mini humans I created, they make my heart feel like it could burst with the love and pride I have for them!

The biggest change this half term is that my house is tidy and I am organised. I cannot reiterate enough how much tackling life 15 minutes at a time really can change your life! Big jobs are turned into small sections of your day where you will get it done. A jungle of to-do’s will be crossed off and you will feel like a Lioness in control of your world.

Family Collage1

One of my biggest achievements this week is getting me and the boys out of the house. I tend to do lots of crafts and baking with them at home but taking them both out on my own makes me feel really nervous and panicky! On Wednesday I woke up knowing that this was the day, I got us all dressed and we walked into town to our local art gallery who has been doing free crafty sessions for children throughout the whole week. Wednesday’s activity was making a spoon person in the style of an LS Lowry painted person. Ky decided he was going to make a Bouncer from Skylander spoon and I have to say I think it’s quite fantastic. J of whom was happy to sit in his pushchair and watch everyone was happy for me to make him a happy smiley spoon with a pink T-shirt. After we had finished our crafting and were walking home I really did feel a proud glow. We can totally do this! And we shall do it more.

When we returned home my mum and dad turned up as my dad was bringing back my car battery because my car was poorly. She’s now fixed, He had brought me a brand new battery for her and paid to get my door electrics to be fixed, How lovely is that! I am so grateful! Thanks Dad! My dad had a cup of tea whilst the boys had a hot chocolate and then took Baby J to make cakes whilst I drove to the cinema. After the success of the morning I felt we were ready to have some me and my big boy time, something we hadn’t done since J has been born! I know that is dreadful but it is hard. Those of you with older siblings how do you work on giving your eldest the same time? I often think that Ky must feel put out and so am really going to work on more special time with him. He’s such a cool and understanding child I fear even if he did feel it he wouldn’t say.

Family Collage2

I decided that the new Lego movie was what we were going to see and I am so glad I did. Ky really loved it as did I. And the twist at the end really did bring a tear to my eye, if you are considering watching it then definitely go. We went on a orange Wednesday which meant for both of us it was £6.70. I thought that was quite good and was expecting it to be a lot more 🙂

What I would really like for you to get from reading this blog post is that : Today is a gift and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed  so don’t take the people in your life for granted, ring someone you care for and tell them you love them, turn your laptop or phone off and go out for an adventure with your children. Take lots of photos and have many cuddles and snuggles. There is nothing better than to love and be loved.


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  • Michelle Ashmore

    I’ve been thinking about the time I spend with the children, or rather don’t spend as I’m always busy doing something else. I’m determined to put the laptop away, leave the phone alone and actually be there, with them, focused on them. I’m really looking forward to them coming home today (they’ve been away with family while we’ve been unpacking in our new home) and even though there’s so much still do in the house, I’m going to be putting that aside for the afternoon and enjoying my children 🙂

  • The Go To Mum

    Well done, it is so hard to remember not to miss all those small moments that actually are usually really big

  • JoBryan

    I loved the holidays and always was miserable when they were over, I think I tried to live by the rule, they are little only for a short time. Now they are bigger still great to spend the time, but now they have other interests and not always around. I like the 15 minute rule.

  • bericebaby

    I’m with you o this one. I have just one child and find it hard to get out the house, I work from home so he’s just usually running around indoors but this week we have been out every day this week & I’ve even found that hes sleeping much better. Perfect memories!

    Thanks for sharing hun

    Lotte xo

    BericeBaby – London Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

  • Sylvia Fiolunka

    Recently one member of my family passed away and I had to fly to my home country. It was a good time for reflections how so little time I spend with my family and how time is passing. The good thing was that I bond with my little half brother more and now our relationship seems to stronger 🙂 I just have to try harder and keep it that way!

  • Bek B

    I know that feeling of staring at the screen. They grow up so quickly. We’ve spent a lot of time indoors this holiday but I am determined that we’ll have a few more days out and adventures next time!

  • mummyoftwo

    What a great post. Spending time with family is so important – children don’t stay little for long and I try to make the most of every second. Glad you’ve had a great week.

  • sonya

    I always find it a struggle to make sure my older two don’t miss out while my toddler demands all my time, like you I make an effort to take them out independently, only once a month or so, but it definitely helps!

  • Jen Walshaw

    I so agree h you on this, children are such a gift. I also agree on the tidy home and 15 minute chunks.

  • Aisha Isabel Ashraf

    As kids grow we have to change too to stay in step with them. My eldest is almost nine and her emotional needs no longer mirror those of her younger siblings. I’ve had to bridge the gap with new ways of bonding. We drink tea and read in bed together on weekends and she comes along to my yoga class with me. We got her her own mat at Christmas and she was thrilled.
    Sounds like you’re on it

    • hchclem

      That’s so brilliant, I love that, Thank you for sharing that with me Aisha 🙂

      • Aisha Isabel Ashraf

        You’re very welcome. Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Such a lovely post 🙂 and nice photos! x

  • Agata Pokutycka

    This is true, with social media we forget how important is to actually talk to someone in person… at least I know I do sometimes

  • spicers1976

    Great post, glad you’ve all had a nice week

  • Aby Moore

    Sounds like you all had a good time! Well done for being positive and getting out and about x

  • Emily

    K looks so grown up! You are lovely and your boys are lovely *hugs* I find some days easier than others but I’m always so grateful for the time I get with my two little cheeky ones. xx

  • Clare Nicholas

    Absolutely LOVE this post Hannah. You nailed half term and you’ve all had fun.

    What wonderful memories you’re creating with the boys.

  • Helen Peakle Pie

    Sounds like you had a fab time and I agree that you need one on one time with older children too. My son took me out to the cinema today for my belated birthday present – we too saw the Lego Movie, and it was brilliant spending time with him 🙂

  • Kara

    Mine adored the new Lego film and we have had lots of adventures too this half term. Glad you have had fun

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    Well done on a fab week. Absolutely agree about cherishing your loved ones.

  • Guest

    I’d like to try the Muscadet, with friends, because it’s a Friday.

  • plasticrosaries

    I need to completely heed your advice. Every day is a gift and I’m definitely one of those people who wishes them away. Glad to have met your blog through Blog Club :D!

  • Anna

    lovely post! sounds like a great half term. We still need to go and see the Lego Movie it sounds so good

  • Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    What a fabulous post, brought a little tear to my eye. Life is for the living, it’s all well and good earning money and working all hours but when will you spend it (my Grandad used to say this). I too am terrible for sitting in front of my laptop too often, however you have inspired me this weekend I am taking the kids out and about and switching off my laptop.

  • Modelmum

    Lovely boys! Your post is so true – We are all guilty of spending too much time on electronics. Its kinda addictive being a blogger isnt it! I really need to make myself a schedule and stick to it. You are brave getting out and about with two boys – i can just about manage with one. Anyway sounds like your week was great and very productive!

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    All this is so true, we should take more time to stop and appreciate the small, special moments – and step away from the laptop! It looks like you had a wonderful week, lovely photos of you and your boys. Really pleased to have found this post through Blog Club x

  • Em Rathbone

    Fantastic post, glad your half term went well, I’m taking our eldest to watch the Lego movie tomorrow, she is VERY excited 🙂

  • Orli, Just Breathe

    What a lovely post, and so true. You shouldn’t take the people in your life for granted, though I guess to some degree we all do. I used to dread half-terms when my eldest was young. But having to learn how to handle things by myself with no immediate family close by and a husband at work most day, and the years passing by made it easier. Thos year I really didn’t even notice it, it went by so fast!

  • Michelle Ordever

    It’s amazing how life just rushes by and how we don’t stop to take it all in. I remember the first time I took my son out on my own – we went up to the Natural History Museum in London when he was about 4, and my was I so proud!! Sounds to me like you had a fab half term – are you planning for the Easter hols now?! x

  • Red Rose Mummy

    Sounds like you had a great half term. I completely agree that it’s important to value the time. It always upsets me when I hear mums on the nursery run complaining about half term, I love the holidays as it’s more time with my boy!

  • Potty Mouthed Mum

    Such a lovely message to remember, thanks for reminding me 🙂