World Book Day Genius – Tin Tin Costume

If you are a parent like me at first when you are told your child can dress up for school you feel excitement for them, knowing that they will enjoy it and how happy they will be. But then the dread sets in, what are they going to be? How am I going to make it? It’s going to cost £££s. I felt all of this, in fact I left it so late it was down to last night, the night before to get him all ready for this morning.

Many things went through my head, Winnie the Pooh, Pinnochio and then whilst scouring through Pinterest I had an epiphany!!

A white shirt, white socks, brown shoes, camel trousers, a blue jumper and a dog teddy in a brown handbag. And Voila… Tin Tin Costume.


TinTin Collage

eerrrmmmmaaaagaeerrddd!!! That is amazing and absolutely everything that we already had leaving the grand total to a whopping nothing!

I couldn’t feel more like I am having a parenting win right now! Ky is happy with his successful costume, I don’t feel like a world book day failure and even Baby J is wanting to be involved so I best did the Thomas the Tank Costume out 😀


Are your little people doing anything for world book day today? Are they dressing up or have any activities arranged. Do please share maybe even you could Tweet me a Photo or share it on my Facebook page. I loveee stuff like this I think it’s lovely.

Have a great day everyone xx

  • Michelle Ashmore

    Absolutely love it! Ella went as Gangsta Granny with a pillowcase full of loot! Kaycee’s school isn’t doing their dress up till tomorrow and she’s going as the saucepan man from The Faraway Tree books. I’ve been busy cutting out pan shapes from card and covering them in foil!

  • Michelle Murray

    Aww he looks so cute. My 11 years old didn’t do anything for world book day. So sad when they go to seniors all the magic goes

  • mummyoftwo

    He looks brilliant! What a great idea and fabulous that it didn’t cost you anything!

  • plasticrosaries

    Aaaaah we love TinTin! Well I love TinTin which means I will naturally be forcing my children to like him too. Super clever and simple idea :D!

  • sonya

    BRILLIANT costume!! I have to admit to be utterly relieved to have had a break from it this year, my middle one has moved up to middle school and they dont do it. WIll be back at it next year with my youngest tho.

  • Potty Mouthed Mum

    Ha that’s amazing, well done!!!

  • Red Rose Mummy

    That is such a clever costume and a proper book character too! I love TinTin and can’t wait to introduce Bud to him.

  • Michelle Ordever

    Aww! He makes an awesome TinTin! I’m trying to remember back to when my boy was in school, I really don’t remember them dressing up for book day at all! A shame, we would have had such fun! His favourite book when he was a kid was Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs ?

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  • Modelmum

    Your boy makes a fab Tin Tin! I still have a toddler so we just did our normal reading routine for world book day although i know a lot of the schools opted for onesies rather than fancy dress!

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    Excellent idea! Your boy looks quite the part. Used to love TinTin growing up.

  • Laura Rocksteady

    Wow great idea – simple and effective and for free – total win win 🙂

    Laura x

  • Mellissa Williams

    He looks so great as Tin Tin lol, what a simple but effective idea

  • Anna

    He looks great! costumes costing nothing are always so satisfying to make! I bought one for my son but then he got ill and couldn’t dress up – but it was a peter pan one. will keep it for next time! lol

  • Christina Marshall

    I must have read most of the Tin Tin books when I was a child. I must say your son really does look like him. Great hair!

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