Travel the world with My 1st Years

The item I am about to show you is one of my most favourite items in my home. I just absolutely adore it, it’s just so stylish, educational and elegant, I bring to you ‘The Luxury Globe Lamp’.


This is actually marketed as a father’s day present for that special gentleman but quite frankly I think it is a beautiful item for anyone and it’s quite a privilege seeing it in all it’s glory.

Featuring a shiny stand and a vintage-inspired look, this light-up revolving globe adds a distinctive edge and an ambient glow to any room. This lovely gift is presented in a vintage-inspired cardboard gift box which features the words “light up my world”. So, whether you’re a budding traveller, a globe-trotter or you just want to treat yourself or someone you love to something a little different, this unique globe light is sure to brighten any day.


What’s even nicer is that fact that it’s educational for example my Nanna and grandad are currently in Norway and Ky was asking about it. Now I can show him where it is in the world and he was so fascinated. He also tells me quite frequently how he would like to visit Egypt and I have now shown him where that is too. It’s such a lovely item however it’s not something I will let Baby J touch for the moment.


The details of the lamp are so pretty and as you can see the top is actually an allen key screw that you undo to remove the globe allowing to change the light bulb should you need too.


And once you turn it on, well as your can see, it’s just such a stylish statement piece, it makes me feel excited for places we may visit, it reminds me how much of the earth we have to explore and how sometime’s it is just really nice to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

You can buy this very gorgeous Lamp for £90 from My First years: Luxury Globe Lamp *

  • Helen Tobin-Perry

    Wow! I think this should definitely be marketed at everybody! I love this lamp and could visualise it in a number of locations in my home. Beautiful, understated and epic all at once ????

  • Chantelle Odell

    Wow!! That is beautiful and totally unique! Personally I’ve never seen anything like that before!! I’m not up to date on my geography but that would grab my attention as nice piece of decor and a great piece for learning all the different places around the world..I should get one for my kids!! #amazing