The time I slept in a Tipi

Lying in my Tipi listening to the rain, feeling the warmth in my sleeping bag made it hard not to feel content. Although missing my boys I had, had a brilliant day of new people sharing their fabulous knowledge. You see this was the weekend on Blogstock 2014. The UK’s first ever blogging festival and I had been lucky enough to win VIP tickets curtosy of a twitter competition held by Hertz.

Me and Sara1

Travelling from Coventry to London on the trains and the tube I finally hit Russell Square where I met my friend Sara and with our suitcases we headed to the Contiki basement to venture onto our hour long coach journey to Aldenham Country Park.

Hertz Tent

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Hertz Girls who gave us our name tags for the gorgeous bell tents we would be staying in for the weekend. I named my ‘Princess Unikitty’ because, well why not? As well as giving me the tent to sleep in they also furnished it with a rug, little cushions, a table and other little bits as well as bunting and fairy lights on the outside. It was so pretty.


Once I had popped my bags into the Unikitty I headed to the field to see what was about. In the Expedia VIP are I had my first adult experience of sitting on plane,  well kinda. The above photo is me, Sarah and Helen – who did a fantastic talk on being a professional blogger. Expedia also had a charging station meaning that although I was camping I was able to stay in touch with Andy, The boys and my ma. Brilliant.

bean bag swag

Also in the Expedia area were these very comfy large beanbags! Please note me and my swag in my lap. The Mailchimp hat. The boys thought this was fantastic when I returned home. Also note I have the cutest Ankle boot wellies on. They have little leopard print bows on and were a present from my mother before I went. She is so cute!

blogstock talk

The talks at Blogstock I found were really interesting, the above talk ran by Alexis Sitaropoulous from Contiki was mainly about being a travel blogger and getting on youtube. I am very much trying to be more active on Youtube and so if you would like to go and watch my video’s or subscribe to my channel I will love you 🙂

blogstock tipi talk

The above talk in the tipi was one of my most favourite blog event talks of all time. Sitting crossed legged and watching everyone actually finding their blog mojo and thinking up their internet dominating idea’s was amazing. This was the Hello Mojo: How to get into the flow ran by Karen Sargent from 1bigthing . We all received a little booklet and I indeed on enhancing my thoughts on mine and putting them into action.  The photo below were the girls that went on the instagram photo walk.

Photo walk at Blogstock

All in all the weekend for me was a hit. I managed to meet a lot of people I wouldn’t have done other wise and feel like I have made some really good friends.

Thank you Traverse – I loved Blogstock 2014. Bring on Next Year.

*Photo Credit to Macca Sherifi

  • Candy

    This looks like such a useful and exciting bloggy event. I am so jealous – but I guess there’s always next year! Just subbed to you on youtube too! 🙂

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    • Hannah – A New Addition

      It really was so much fun! I would love to see you there next year, I hope you enjoy my video’s, youtube is a new venture for me! x

  • InnocentCharmsChats

    Oh it looks like so much fun. I wish I had gone xx

    • Hannah – A New Addition

      I hope we can both go next year x

  • Jessica Edmunds

    Oh my god this looks AMAZING so jealous! xx

    • Hannah – A New Addition

      It was really good, and so much fun listening to the rain whilst lying snuggly in a tent 🙂