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Wicked Uncle Toys (Butterfly farm and Jelly fish lamp)

One of the things I love about the internet is being able to search such a vast variety of everything I’m looking for. Being a blogger makes things even more interesting because as well as searching I get fun brands coming to me. The brand for this particular post is Wicked Uncle Toys of whom […]

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Dotty Fish – Suede baby slippers

Dotty Fish specialise in soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers. They offer a large selection of bright, fun designs for both boys and girls aged 0-5 years. From animals and vehicles to hearts and stars, with over 30 designs to choose from you are sure to find a design to delight that special little […]


The Gracechurch Fashion Destination Event

Recently I was invited to The Gracechurch Centre in Sutton Coldlfield. I felt this was the perfect opportunity for a child free girly session of shopping and coffee and so invited Carly from Mummy and the Chunks along for the ride. The centre hosted a series of pop-up fashion shows throughout the day showcasing this […]

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Minehead Circus

Butlin’s Minehead Circus

Something Ky has been mentioning for quite a while was his interest in going to a circus, we have had flyers through our door a few times for local ones but sadly we had never attended. Then whilst on our Butlin’s break to Minehead, we had the pleasure of visiting the Butlin’s Minehead Circus, If […]

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An unexpected day out #AOCleans

Recently we were invited to an event, with Appliances online, to learn about Allergies and how their products can help with the prevention of sparking an unwanted allergy. This was held at the always fun Think Tank Museum in Birmingham. The boys were packed into Andy’s car and as a family we drove to Millenium […]

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100 days of Me

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Day 37 #100daysofme

Everyone needs to go and watch Alice through the looking glass and this is why.. Today I went to the cinema to watch Alice through the looking glass. I even splashed out and watched it in 3D. As I sat in my chair, near the door I questioned myself a few times whether I would […]


Day 35 #100Daysofme

Today I was awake at 9am, although I didn’t take Ky to school I was up and dressed. We watched the spider wick chronicles and it hit a nerve. How the dad had spent his whole life focused so much on the magical critters he had abused what matter most in his life. In the […]

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Embracing medication again

One of the things I have evolved myself into doing over the years is hiding away. I no longer love hugs, I no longer enjoy lots of company, I find other humans a threat, I mean.. I can them humans, aren’t they just people like me? But this is the thing, being hurt and being […]


Meraki Walnut Body Scrub

Trouva says: Exfoliate once or twice a week to achieve a softer and healthier skin. Exfoliating stimulates blood flow, removes dead skin cells, helps detox your skin and aids your skin in absorbing moisture. In summer or when using spray tan exfoliating is even more important because it helps you obtain an even tan. Apply […]

cat hugs

Why Humans are Better with Pets

Life is a funny thing, I never thought of myself as a cat person as a child. I enjoyed the small furrys and the occasional dog stroke but if you would tell me 10 years ago that at age 25 I would have 2 children and 3 cats I would likely have cackled at you. […]

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Back to School with Debenhams

It absolutely blows my mind that in September my two beautifully gorgeous, handsome boys will be in school full time. That I will no longer have my curly haired, glasses wearing satan child sat being my best friend everyday, and oh how much that freedom excites and terrifies me. This is a BIG thing happening […]

Helen and I

Absolutely Fabulous #dietcokedarling

Yesterday was a funny day, I woke up in the morning deciding I was really going to put my heart into law of attraction, that I would choose ease all day and see where it gets me. **Skip to the bottom for my Vlog! I woke up, took Kylan to school, one of my friends […]


Dear all parents lost to Youtube

I have some happy news, some of you may already know this as I have been testing for a while.. but youtube have a KIDS APP. no, I’m being serious, a freaking KIDS APP. Do you know how much joy this brings me to tell you all, I feel like I am sharing an awesome […]

flair rug

Fluffy, Furry Flair Rug and your chance to win!!

I’ve always had something about rugs, throughout the years I have had so many, but I have never been able to find the correct rug I envisioned for for beside my bed. For a long time I have looked for a fluffy fur rug for below my side of the bed on the floor ready for […]

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Work life Balance.

I have had quite a few messages lately asking me if I am okay as I haven’t been around so much, I have a list of blog work that I need to crack on with and I haven’t done anymore work towards my online shop that I am hoping to launch in September. And I […]