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New Look gym clothes

Since my life got shook up like a mentos in a bottle of coke I have put on around 3 stone. 3 Bloody stone, so what was once me wanting me to lose 1 stone is now me wanting to go back to that original weight. What horrific irony, if you’ve been here a while […]

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Front view

Elegance with Agnes and Norman

It always gives me great pleasure when I can promote a local business to me.  What makes me even happier is when the product is a beautiful pair of shoes. Agnes & Norman are the sister brand to Rachel Simpson (vintage inspired bridal shoes) and are based in King’s Norton, Birmingham. With Andrew and I […]

holiday nails

Fortnightly Nails #2

I absolutely loved the glittery silver in my last acrylic design and so I decided to keep it for this weeks nails. These nails are my holiday nails, I thought for holiday I would go for something bright but I decided against that as it was mine and Andy’s first holiday abroad together. So I […]

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Minehead Circus

Butlin’s Minehead Circus

Something Ky has been mentioning for quite a while was his interest in going to a circus, we have had flyers through our door a few times for local ones but sadly we had never attended. Then whilst on our Butlin’s break to Minehead, we had the pleasure of visiting the Butlin’s Minehead Circus, If […]

Ky Video

An unexpected day out #AOCleans

Recently we were invited to an event, with Appliances online, to learn about Allergies and how their products can help with the prevention of sparking an unwanted allergy. This was held at the always fun Think Tank Museum in Birmingham. The boys were packed into Andy’s car and as a family we drove to Millenium […]

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blood orange southern comfort slushy

Blood Orange Southern Comfort Slushie

Southern comfort have just released the new Blood Orange Southern comfort, which just to me shouts like something for the sunshine. It has been really warm and sunny this past week and so I thought I would take advantage and make myself a nice refreshing and slightly alcholic beverage. As a child I absolutely loved […]

caspian pizza

When times get you down JUST EAT

This week has been hard, both physically and emotionally draining but even on the hardest days, you lot and my little blog shine me some light. JUST EAT contacting me asking if I would like to review a local restaurant.. say what!? After a 2 day stay in hospital with J of whom after a […]

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Cat in the hat

Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat UK Tour (Belgrade Theatre Review)

From the moment his tall, red and white striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievious cat they have ever met, With the trickiest tricks and craziest of ideas. he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure. But what will […]



AVAILABLE TO OWN ON DVD AND DIGITAL HD – 9TH NOVEMBER Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three smashes its way onto shelves from 9thNovember. Explosive action lands with an almighty crash this winter when you can take home all thirteen episodes ofTransformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three including all the […]


Death, Depression and my dissapearance

*Please note this is quite a personal and quite upsetting blog post on death, cancer and depression, if you feel this may trigger you then please do not read it. Hello my lovely internet people, I am so sorry I haven’t been around and I am hoping this post will explain a little bit about […]


WIN a 7 Night Holiday, est. RRP £3,000!!!

There is nothing like making memories with your family on holiday, and within this post I have an amazing opportunity for one of you lovelies, One lucky reader and up to seven guests will be having an fantastic holiday next year, thanks to the lovely folk at Greater Yarmouth Tourism and some fabulous local attractions. The […]


The Sleeping bag with Feet

Slumbersac speacialise in baby and toddler sleeping bags. They offer a whole variety of options from lightweight muslin bags to heavyweight winter bags, travel bags and even their innovative sleeping bag with feet, for toddlers learning to walk, what’s even better is these are sized up to 3-4 years, dissapointly though they don’t do adult […]

Bonnie and Billie Butlins


Billy Bear is Butlins favourite character. He prides himself of being a junior Redcoat. He’s a cheery and cheeky character who loves to be the centre of attention. You can see Billy Bear in several live shows during your stay in Butlin’s, including ‘imagine with Billy’, as well as being out and about on resort […]

Cake Pop

Getting #SweetsandTreats with Harry Potter

The feeling of your inner child just rushes through you as you enter the front doors of the Warner bro studio, Surrounded by the large photographs of the actors of Harry Potter staring as if they are looking into your soul and the flying car just hovering in the corner as if by ‘magic’. (Or […]

littlest pet shop

WIN a Littlest Pet Shop DVD- Little Pets, Big Adventures

Discover a world of tiny marvels as Littlest Pet Shop- Little Pets, Big Adventures was realeased onto Digital Download and DVD on 3rd August. Blythe Baxter and her dad Roger move into a new apartment in Downtown City above the Littlest Pet Shop. Remarkably Blythe discovers that can she can speak to the animals that […]