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Rio Carnival Ardencote Spa Opening!!

Thursday seen me on a A New Adventure, this time it was to Ardencote to Spa for their Rio Carnival opening evening. I was allowed a plus one so of course took my blogging companion Carly for the ride. The car journey started with me saying I had my spice girl CD but wasn’t going […]

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The Gracechurch Fashion Destination Event

Recently I was invited to The Gracechurch Centre in Sutton Coldlfield. I felt this was the perfect opportunity for a child free girly session of shopping and coffee and so invited Carly from Mummy and the Chunks along for the ride. The centre hosted a series of pop-up fashion shows throughout the day showcasing this […]

Dr marten

THE NEW DR MARTENS: Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Boots

Sometimes in life you get a pair of shoes or boots that touched your inner child so much because they are so so fun. And these are my shoes, as soon as I opened the box I just felt that sense of excitement and fun, Princess Bubblegum is so funny, she is intelligent but also […]

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Minehead Circus

Butlin’s Minehead Circus

Something Ky has been mentioning for quite a while was his interest in going to a circus, we have had flyers through our door a few times for local ones but sadly we had never attended. Then whilst on our Butlin’s break to Minehead, we had the pleasure of visiting the Butlin’s Minehead Circus, If […]

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An unexpected day out #AOCleans

Recently we were invited to an event, with Appliances online, to learn about Allergies and how their products can help with the prevention of sparking an unwanted allergy. This was held at the always fun Think Tank Museum in Birmingham. The boys were packed into Andy’s car and as a family we drove to Millenium […]

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100 days of Me

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 00.34.57

Day 37 #100daysofme

Everyone needs to go and watch Alice through the looking glass and this is why.. Today I went to the cinema to watch Alice through the looking glass. I even splashed out and watched it in 3D. As I sat in my chair, near the door I questioned myself a few times whether I would […]


Day 35 #100Daysofme

Today I was awake at 9am, although I didn’t take Ky to school I was up and dressed. We watched the spider wick chronicles and it hit a nerve. How the dad had spent his whole life focused so much on the magical critters he had abused what matter most in his life. In the […]

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Wet Head game and pack

WIN The NEW Wet Head game from Zing

Are you ready for some water filled fun this summer? Brilliant for the hot weather, Wet Head soaks losers with water following a nerve-racking quiz or truth and dare game. Breaking the Internet with leading YouTubers’ taking the Wet Head Challenge, the new Wet Head game is the most fun you can have this summer. We […]


Day 34 #100daysofme

Ahhh there is a light insight. Today I haven’t been in so much pain. I woke up at 1.30pm and have been awake since. I am so Thankful that Andy has stayed and helped me with the boys so I can recover. I still have no idea why I have the burning pain that I […]

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Day 33 #100daysofme

Today I have been asleep most of the day, I woke up in excruciating pain, Just so tired I couldn’t even move properly, surely this is not right! Anyway thank god for Andy who took the boys to school and allowed me to sleep, he even sorted for a meeting I was going to that […]


Day 32 #100daysofme

I woke up this morning and decided I would start the day off right, get in my vortex and try and stay in my happy place. So I put on an Abraham morning rampage and listened as I got myself ready, I chose a comfy pair of joggers, a disney top and my cat ears. […]


Day 31 #100daysofme

I rolled myself out of bed and got dressed in the closest thing that was already on my floor, J had his hospital appointment for his eyes today and I was determined to not be stressed. For choosing the ease in life I actually drove to the school and parked near by, my friend Helen […]

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Day 30 #100daysofme

Welcome to Day 30, Where in these 30 days you have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly! And yet we still keep moving on, one foot in front of the other. This morning I woke up and I was still so frigging tired, I am 100% fighting a burn out. I got up, […]


Day 29 #100daysofme

This morning I awoke easily because I knew my parents were coming for the boys for a day fundraising with the local fire station and I would not have them waiting around for us to get ready. I also woke up to messages from Carly telling me she was being sick but still wanted to […]


Day 28 #100daysofme

Ahhh man! I have no motivation for this today, I have been in and out of my happy place all day, have done meditation, drank water and rested. Today was my love in day. I woke up and sat as I made myself feel calm and love, I listened to relaxing music as I rolled […]