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Date Night with Zizzi Ristorante

The best relationship consists of love and good food.. Last week Andrew and I had the pleasure of a child free relaxing and tasty date night at Zizzi Restaurante, knowing at the weekend we were celebrating our 9th year anniversary, it was lovely to be able to have this time together. Upon walking into the restaurant, […]

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best toastie sandwich ever1

The BEST toasted sandwich EVER

Ever since I was little I have always been a fan of toasted sandwiches, a big fan and even now they are still one of my favourite food’s and so today my lovely people I am going to share with you THE BEST TOASTIE SANDWICH EVER! My mum remembering my love for toasted sandwiches and […]


Camping S’mores

What you will need: 8 Marshmallow 8 Digestive biscuits 8 squares of Dairy Milk Chocolate *4 Wooden/Metal kebab skewers *If using wooden kebab skewers, soak 1 per person in cold water for 30 minutes first to prevent burning. How to make: Thread the marshmallows 2 at a time, onto the presoaked wooden or metal skewers […]

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Photo walk at Blogstock

The time I slept in a Tipi

Lying in my Tipi listening to the rain, feeling the warmth in my sleeping bag made it hard not to feel content. Although missing my boys I had, had a brilliant day of new people sharing their fabulous knowledge. You see this was the weekend on Blogstock 2014. The UK’s first ever blogging festival and […]


Adventures at Hatton Country World

A small drive ahead of us as we set off on our Animal adventure. Picking up Nanny Anew(My mum) on the way there was lots of talk of farm yard animals, furry animals in pets corner, dragon rides and ignoring the trolls. Yes, you could say it was all go in the minds of my […]

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One Playsuit 2 looks (The weather challenge)

I was contacted by ASDA and asked if I wanted to take on the challenge of styling one piece of clothing with it being suitable for a sunny day and a not so sunny day. I was given this gorgeous black and white ikat patterned playsuit. Here are my out fit choices. Hat – Next Playsuit […]


A New Addition wears: Converse

If you have been watching my social media recently you will know that I have very much fell  back in love with exercising and have been doing the 30 day shred working my way up to attending the gym daily again. Fashion doesn’t have to end when you are working out and converse are a […]

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My August

My August Beauty Favourites

Old wives tail Medado hair growth hair mask I have been loving this hair mask this month and have actually noticed a difference in how healthy my hair looks. It’s nice to have some calming time with the smell of lavender and just take an hour out to treat myself. A deeply nourishing hair mask […]

Ninky Nonk Train

Ain’t Nothin’ like the Ninky Nonk Train

If you are a parent of small children you will be aware of in the night garden, regardless of how you feel about the characters your little one is bound to love it. I know my two did and now they have some brilliant toys to keep your little one amused. At an amazing 78cm […]

My underpants rule

My underpants Rule (Children’s book) + Competition

An Ex-Police Officer has launched a new book to empower parents to help protect their children from Sexual Predators and at the end of this post I am giving you the chance to win one! If there was ever a time to protect our children and teach them that their private parts are only for […]


Anby Moments Linky 25-31 August #Anby

Ding Ding Ding it’s Week 7 of Anby moments!  Here is my Anby (A New Better You) Moment of the week: Looking forward to having some time off this weekend. That hasn’t happened in a while! A little family holiday!! #Roadtrip #ANewAdventures — Hannah Clementson (@ANewAddition) August 21, 2014 Thank you to everyone that entered […]

hair mask

Old Wives Tail Melado Organic Hair Growth Mask

For many years I had bleached blonde hair some may say to the extent of being told my hair was white, I love being blonde but with so after taking so much abuse last year I finally started giving my hair the love it truly needed and deserved. I stopped straightening it unless I am […]


Say Goodnight with Cbeebies Squidge

If you have little ones you will be aware of the cbeebies goodnight song, and now CBeebies are giving you to have fun at home with the Sweet Dreams with Squidge. You see squidge, He’s getting tired and needs his sleep! And your child is the one who can soothe him by pressing one of […]

aqua ears image comp

Win 1 of 6 pairs of Aqua Ear Earplugs

This summer, Cirrus Healthcare have launched their new range of soft silicone earplugs into larger Boots stores across the UK, providing a new and fun way to protect your child’s ears. Joining SpongeBob SquarePants on the shelves will be old time favourite Mickey Mouse, best girl Hello Kitty, our deep sea friend Nemo, and Disney’s […]


Anby Moments Linky 18-24 August #Anby

Ding Ding Ding it’s Week 6 of Anby moments!  Here is my Anby (A New Better You) Moment of the week: Post by A New Addition. Last year I tried to remain in my house as much as possible due to my Anxiety, now I am fighting through it and my friends are helping me too […]